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Green cars covered in grass

Why paint your car when you can cover it with real green grass? A green car is defined as a car that doesn’t pollute the environment, but some people took the ‘green’ idea to another level, they covered their cars with grass. It hasn’t anything to do with the eco concept, this people just wanted [...]

Artificial Bonsai tree

A real bonsai can be quite expensive and hard to find, but there are some solutions if you still want to have a cheap bonsai tree. This bonsai tree is artificial and is constructed of natural juniper and gnarled grapewood. It even has some river rocks and a black ceramic pot. The price is $99.95, [...]

Green paths pavement

The “Green Paths” were created by French designer Magali Berg as a ‘do it yourself’ project. Square pavement or any other conventional for became boring because we need to animate our outdoor space. The grass growing may be “controlled” with the help of special “chips” that only allow it to develop in special places. Looks [...]

Little garden lamp

Plants are nice to have in any apartment. If you want to grow a small herb garden inside, most of the people have problems because there is not so much light…and the plants will die. Designers Kfir Schwalb and Orit Magia of Studio Shulab came up with the idea of Lightpot concept. What is it? [...]

Recycle your garbage and produce fertilizers

RISAIKURA MS-N53 made by Panasonic, well known for its electronics gadgets, is a garbage- recycler that produces hi-quality fertilizers for your plants. It is using special platinum-palladium catalyst ( what is that?) so has the ability to hold up to 2kg of organic garbage, which is mixed up and broken down into compost that can [...]