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Amazing australian beach house

Homes with amazing view sare rare these days when everything is crowded but sometimes you find the perfect one. The panoramic views created by the location of this australian residence are unparalleled, and the Fairhaven beach directly below creates the perfect neighbor. The place was designed by F2 Architecture and is  rentable . It has one [...]

$3.25 Million Dollars Flinstones House In Malibu

It seems that the  Flintstones house exist in real life or at least a very expensive copy estimated at $3.25 million dollars, on the beaches of Malibu, California, with it’s own private beach. This villa was custom built and all the furniture inside is custom made.  Even the windows look like the classic stone house [...]

Edisto Beach home designed by Jennifer Ferrell

This cozy and cute  home is designed by Jennifer Ferrell, the principal designer and owner of Riverside Designers from Charleston, South Carolina. With nuances of blue and the great view of the ocean is the perfect place to be in a nice day.

Secret cabin covered by logs with a great panoramic view

If you look closer it is not just a pile of logs for wood, it is a hidden cabin designed by Piet Hein Eek for Dutch performer, Hans Liberg ( the guy in the pictures ) and used a recording studio. The wood covers a plastic and steel frame, and the windows let a lot [...]

Luxury family home in Melbourne, Australia

Property developers Lubelso, have designed the Malvern House project which is a great  family home that can be found in Melbourne, Australia. The well proportioned design makes room for everyone with three living zones, spacious bedrooms and a study and two-car garage. “The result is an open and spacious residence with clean, sleek lines. The [...]