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Ultra Tiny Home

What do you think about this small home that can be carried with you with your bike? Do you think you could have all you need included or not?

Beautiful doors around the world

Who said that doors can be boring? A beautiful door can add a touch of style to your home exterior or interior. Which one do you like? ( Old barn door )

Tiny house in Uruguay

Who said that big is better? The tiny house in this article is located in the dunes of Cabo Polonio on the eastern coast of Uruguay. It is very small, just for two people. The materials used for building are very simple, like those of all the houses in Cabo Polonio. Also the interior is [...]

Desert House by Gracia Studio

Simple and in the same time complex. Gracia Studio did the job.    

27 beautiful homes in remote places

Living in a crowd city apart the advantages comes with a lot of bad things like noise, rush hours, pollution, etc. In the below images you can see some amazing homes built in very remote places. Personally I wouldn’t live in a such a far place without neighbors but for sure among us there are [...]