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Amazing underground house

Remember the hobbit houses? This is the deluxe version. Situated in the Swiss village of Vals, deep in the mountains, the house is very hard to see, making it a perfect place for hiding . The amazing architecture plan comes from SeARCH and Christian Muller Architects. The houseincludes all the facilities such as a guest [...]

Hof – a house in Iceland

Iceland is a country with amazing nature and although the climate is cold the nature is beautiful all year long. Because the country has very few inhabitants compared to other places the houses usually are quite isolated and peaceful. Hof is one of those houses and it is situated in the Skakafjördur fjord, less than [...]

Bubble House – Always on the move

If you are always on the move I think the concept called “Bubble House” which was developed by MMAs students of architecture, Patricia Muniz and G. Luciano Alfaya, and the artist Chas Cyprian, could be foe YOU. The Bubble measures 2 X 2 X 2 meters and is offering enough room for a small kitchen, [...]

LoftCube – Small prefab house

Loft Cube is a modern prefab house that can be placed in the rooftop of big buildings because the space in the cities is becoming so limited. The small house can be assembled in 2-4 days and the buyer’s can be customized the interior and exterior as they needs. I think it is a great [...]

Modern house in Slovenia

House SB designed by Bevk Perovic Arhitekti is a very modern suburban home and is located in Ljubljana, Slovenia. The house is characterized by two separate parts, overlapping and framing a small garden area. The street facade of this house is made from wood planks, providing the homeowners privacy from the street, which runs relatively [...]