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Folding Chair

Featuring no axle, no screw, no spring or visible hinge, OneShot, designed by Patrick Jouin is a special chair. Based on the power of gravity, a bunch of surfaces unfold to become a seat. The magic lies in the science of Selective Laser Sintering which allows the fabrication in just one shot of the seating [...]

Park safely in your balcony

If you are worried that your new car is not safe parked outside you can always park it in your balcony. How? Drive your car into a large lift which takes it up to your apartament balcony. A glass wall will separate your high garage from your flat while friends and family will still have [...]

Suburban Tipi – The Urban “Igloo”

Inspired by yuris, tipis, and igloos, the designer John Paananen wanted to see if living in such a weird and unique “house” would work in our modern world. The construction temporarily existed at Cranbrook Academy in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan for about 7 months. To build it were used pvc siding, polypropylene sheeting, engineered timber, polycarbonate [...]