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DIY Project: Dog house with a roof top deck for hanging out

Dog houses are simple projects and can be usually be completed by someone with just basic building skills in a couple of days. These free dog house with a roof top deck plans will make sure that your dog has a nice home and it could be the beginning for you in the do it [...]

Log Coffe Table

What can you do with a log? A coffee table! It will look amazing in your living room and it is not hard at all to build it. [ via ]

How to make a shelf from an old door

I you have an old door that you don’t need, here is a trick that you can use to transform it in a shelf.

How to make a laptop bag from a hoodie

I love DIY ( do it yourself ) tutorials. They always show us how to use ordinary object to create a amazing things! Now we will make together a laptop bag from a hoodie.  In some cases I think this will look trendy but in other cases people will just stare…

8 Tips For Keeping Your Kid’s Room Clean

Guest post by Tom Does your kids’ rooms look like a bomb just went off inside of it? Do you constantly struggle with trying to keep the rooms clean? Here are ten tips to making sure the rooms are always clean and organized – and getting the kids help, too. 1. They Can’t Put It [...]