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25 ways how to decorate your home with children

If you think that you can’t do more creative stuff to your interior home design think again. Use your own children as decor! When your children are asleep just imagine how will they fit in an imaginary scene. Then grab some things from your house and design your home, your children being the masterpiece of [...]

Do it yourself

Recently I bought a bathtub because I want to redesign my whole bathroom. In the end it should look similar to the picture below: I didn’t want to pay a lot of money for a company to do something that I could do myself, so I started searching on Google about do it yourself tutorials [...]

How to create invisible bookselves

If you are not very excited by building bookshelves from books and you want more you can build INVISIBLE shelves made from books. The bookshelves are not there practically. Watch the video to see how great they are to put in your home:

How to make bookshelves made from books

If you want to have some cool bookshelves that almost nobody will have and you have some big books that you don’t need anymore you can create bookshelves made from real books! In the pictures below the man who is building the bookshelf is using some advanced tools but you can use just a scissors [...]