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Tiny student house in Sweden

In general students are busy with university, social activities and having fun so in general they don’t spend too much time at home. So why will they need a big house with large rooms? Based on this idea, Sweden’s Lund housing commission AF Bostader desgined a 94 square foot micro apartment for a student. The [...]

Coffee with cats

Café des Chats is a unique place in France, opened in 2013 where cats and humans are closer. The place is a tea room and a restaurant where a dozen cats roam free. All the cats have been adopted from animal welfare groups and found here a second chance. A portion of the profits from the [...]

Art with electronics cables

Everytime we buy a new electronic gadget for our home we spend a lot of time trying to hide cables and cords away. But if there is no way to make them invisible what should you do? But what are you supposed to do when there’s just no way to avoid having them visible? We [...]

Draw on the outside walls of your home with MOSS

Growing moss on your home exterior walls can be a fun task . The concept is called “moss graffiti” and if you write motivational quotes maybe you will feel inspired everyday you go to work. Ingredients: Pieces of moss, 2 cups of buttermilk or yogurt ( not flavored ), 2 cups of water, 1/2 tsp. [...]

Idea for bike storage inside apartments

Owning multiple bikes or just one should not be a problem if you are living in a small apartment. Bikes can be used almost as decorating pieces in your flat.  Hang the bike on the wall after you clean it. It will give a little more personality to your living space.