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26 ideas to decorate a small balcony

With the price of rent increasing, cozy and small apartments are popular in big cities. A tiny balcony can be frustrating but you can still arrange it for a perfect reading session or just to rest in the evening or drink the morning coffee before you go to work.

Unusual Alternative Christmas Tree Ideas

Christmas is a period of joy and happiness when we receive presents from Santa and stay with our beloved ones but millions of trees are cut just to be displayed for a couple of days. With the environmental protection awerness in mind I decided to show you a few alternatives to the classical Christmas tree. [...]

Pullout balcony idea

With the price of property continuing to rise a large apartment with a nice balcony seems to be quite expensive and not so many can afford the luxury Dutch architectural firm Hofman Dujardin has designed the Bloomframe, an innovative window that transforms into a balcony with the click of a button. The pullout balcony idea is flexible [...]

Old boots turned into flower pots

Remember the black boots turned into flower pots article I posted some while ago? I found today this idea implemented again in someone’s garden and it looks even better!

Recycled wine bottles as hanging flowerpots

After drinking wine on a special night, don’t just throw the nice looking bottles. After you cut their bottom, fill them with a substrate and put some kind of stopper for the substrate to come out ( I am still thinking what this can be ) you end up with some nice looking hanging flowerpots. [...]