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Old ladles as candle holders

In the season of the long evenings the light of a candle creates a nice atmosphere at home or in the garden. If you are looking for a special candle holder have a look around the attic orĀ  where you store your old things and find some ladles. The ambient light of candlescombined with the [...]

A little bit of beach in your office

If you feel nostalgic about the sea and beach or you didn’t have time to go in a holiday this year you can bring the beach to your office in a creative way. Put some sand under your desk and take your shoes off. It will reduce the daily stress and make you feel more [...]

Carnivorous plants around your home

The world of carnivorous plants is amazing because they ‘eat’ insects ( some species are big enough to consume frogs… ). They have adapted to grow in places where the soil is thin or poor in nutrients. If you want to grow them inside your house you need to respect some basic rules that are [...]

Framing baby clothes

When babies start to grow, parents will get stuck with a lot of baby clothes that are not used. Yes, they look extremely cute but …what should they do with them? Frame the clothes! Every time you see the frame with the clothes inside…it will bring you nice memories. And you can pass them to [...]

Gentlemen’s trunk?

When I first say the below picture I thought ‘ What a good idea”, but…do you really need something like that? Will you dress in the street? Will you change the shoes in the back of your car? The idea is good…if you can park your car inside your house…or else I don’t see any [...]