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Bring the nature in your house

The decoration of a house can be a pleasure or a real nightmare. If you like wacky ideas and you enjoy nature you can use big wallpapers for some walls in your room. It will create the atmosphere of open space inside your house.  Here  are a couple of ideas.

Bricks that look like books for exterior walls

Check out the bricks made to look like books. I think it’s an extraordinary idea that can add something unique to your home. Ann exterior wall made with bricks like these is all I want! Unfortunatelly I think they are hand paninted so not too easy to make.

Colorful Facade in the night

With different colors for window curtains you can obtain a nice effect for the facade in the night when the light inside is turned on. Cool right?

4 generations photo

Definetely something to try. So… get your daughter, your wife, her mother and grandma and create this awesome picture to hang in your home.

Baby is sleeping door sign

Every parent with a new born baby needs this sign! I am sure everybody had those moments when someone rings the doorbell just when the kid has fallen asleep. By using this sign you can stop those unpleasentcsituations from happening! A good sleep makes your infant’s health strong as well! From Etsy .