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Do we really need Swarovski Crystal light switches?

Although this design it is the winner of the “Design Plus Award 2008″ I can ask myself the question if we really need this kind of objects just to show off? It looks good but in my opinion is just a waste of money… It can be used not only as a switch to turn [...]

‘Still A Clock By Night’ – Great decor piece

Still A Clock By Night” created by a designer from Singapore , is a clock that works as a normal one during the daytime and doubles as a table lamp during the nighttime. It has two fluorescent tubes that reflects on the back wall and creates the short and long hands of the clock. The [...]

Smart bookshelf

Designer Linus Svärm has come up with an innovative storage that will make your books and CDs levitate in the air. It is called “Piniwini,” and the storage is essentially a pin secured to the wall. When not in use, the small shelve doesn’t occupy a lot of place . Imagine turning your wall in [...]

Nature wall in your home

If you feel that your home doesn’t have enough plants and you want to be more “nature surrounded” , maybe “Planter Wall Tiles” designed by Maruja Fuentes is a great idea. The wall tiles are finished with recycled materials and create an innovative place to grow plants for a fresh air. Different patterns can be [...]

3D bookshelf by Charles Kalpakian

Inspired by Parisian Graffiti art, French designer Charles Kalpakian has come up with a very cool shelve for your books and other objects, reinterpreting it in a three-dimesional way. Called ‘Graffititek,’ the bookshelf will store books in distort order, unlike the straight lines of the regular bookshelves. The new bookshelf also has some light lamps, [...]