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Furniture with built-in fireplace

The new fire furniture from Planika Fires features fire coffee tables and wall-mounted fireplaces to warm-up your room and aesthetics. The lighting of Planika Fire is extremely easy and safe because it uses FANOLA fuel which doesn’t make fumes or smell. Only water vapour and CO2 are emitted and the proportions are similar to those [...]

Crochet Chair by Marcel Wanders

Dutch designer Marcel Wanders has launched the Crochet Chair – which is an amazing piece of art constructed from individual, hand-sewn crochet flowers, stitched together over a mould and stiffed with resin.The chair was launched at Smart Deco. Marcel Wanders grew up in Boxtel, the Netherlands and graduated from the School of the Arts Arnhem [...]

Orchid Leaves Chair

Designer Sebastian Gronemeyer inspired himself from the beautiful forms of orchid leaves to create this awesome chair. The smooth curves are actually ergonomic and the reinforced fiberglass material is pretty strong to sustain heavy Lose Weight Exercise. Definitely unique and fits well both in modern and traditional homes.