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Idea for bike storage inside apartments

Owning multiple bikes or just one should not be a problem if you are living in a small apartment. Bikes can be used almost as decorating pieces in your flat.  Hang the bike on the wall after you clean it. It will give a little more personality to your living space.

Inside A Spooky Abandoned Mansion

London urban explorer Andre Govia , after decided to start documenting his love of abandoned buildings, took photographs of a cold and creepy abandoned mansion in western Belgium, at the Round Mansion. The tenants are long gone but the house is still occupied by expensive furniture and ornaments, the beds are made up, although the [...]

Minimalistic cube structure for apartment storage

Storage space in a small apartment can be a real headache and every solution that can extend it is welcomed. German designer Till Koenneker created The Living Cube which is a clever structure whose purpose is to be a place where you can store your things. It has different functions, it is a walk-in closet, [...]

Entryway with wedding photos and old bench

We sometimes underestimate the importance of the entryway decoration when we design our home interior. I can say you that this is a common mistake… and a vibrant or cozy hallway will create a good atmosphere when you enter the house. I fancy the below idea to display various family members wedding photos from the [...]

Lake Michigan house designed by Dana Small

If you are living in a city where it is sunny all year round , or at least half a year, you need to have a bright and cheerful home interior like the cottage on Lake Michigan designed by Dana Small. Everything in this home inspires joy and fun. Love it.