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Idea to decorate an unfinished basement ceiling

A creative way to cover the unfinished basement ceiling: use some materials you don’t need and hang them on the celiling.

Store books in the fireplace during summertime

The summer will come in a couple of months so you will not be using the fireplace for half a year. So…why not use it in a clever way during summertime? Fill it with books! There is no need to fill up the entire fireplace just put the books in the front. You need to [...]

Apartments with built-in garage. For millionaires only.

When you are living in a dense city, you need to allocate at least 15-30 minutes to look for a parking space available. The alternative is a private car park… KOP Properties, a real estate developer in Singapore found a solution for the problem. Of course, for the right price. Sky garage from Hamilton Scotts [...]

Mr. Wong restaurant in Sydney,Australia

Mr. Wong, a Chinese restaurant full of elegance and authenticity, brings the glamour of 1930s Shanghai to Sydney’s business district. The building in which is situated is a former australian nightclub and retains some of the fabric of the earlier usage.Bamboo chairs,battered brickwork,ceiling fans and an Oriental female portrait which dominates one wall create a [...]

Get some style with kilim cushions

Kilims are flat tapestry-woven carpets or rugs produced from the Balkans to Pakistan. Kilims can be purely decorative or can function as prayer rugs. Recently appeared the smaller kilims, the pillows, which are popular in Western households. I think a couple of kilim pillows can nicely fit in any home design, being traditional or modern. [...]