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Tree of Knowledge – book storage idea

Kids love cool places where they can store books and they will love reading more if they have an interesting place for storage that will catch their attention. A bookcase in the shape of a tree will do that.

Lovely bedrooms for teenagers

When your kids grow up, the old children bedroom with toys is not suited anymore. The teenager room should also reflect his changing demands and needs. The bedroom should be functional for doing homeworks and for socializing with friends. All of the below rooms are practical, some of them featuring working spaces, small bookcases or [...]

School in the shape of a cat in Germany

The “cat school” is the result of a project from “Europe without borders” between the region of Baden-W├╝rttemberg and Alsace. The architects chose their favorite animal to make a school outside the norm. The school looks like a cat crouched like a sphinx. In the manner of a mouse that is swallowed, children enter through [...]

Children’s Rooms by Annsley Interiors

The interior designer Annsley McAleer from Annsley Interiors in Boston today features some children’s rooms in her portfolio and I was pleasantly surprised how all of the rooms have pretty lighting and clever arrangements.

Hanging bunk bed

In order to use space in the kids room in a clever way, use a hunging bunk bed.