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Baby carrying suit

Peekaru hands free baby carrying jacket is a suit that allows you to carry your newly born baby very easiliy . If you are a parent with an active lifestyles and you want to use your hands freely then you must consider buying Peekaru. It is very confortable and looks great. I found it on [...]

Grow your furniture

Designer Jung Jae Yup tried to make a furniture that grows with your child or with your home. Being made from both simple birch plywood pieces and a large stainless steel structure you can make it bigger as your children grows or when you move to a bigger home. Its dimensions are 540 x 640 [...]

Lego backpack

Loving LEGO? Then this is a backpack for you. Or maybe your child will love it.

The future classrooms will be mobile

Gollifer Langston Architects is an architectural studio for commercial, education, arts, media, residential and public design. The Classrooms of the Future project was born from the idea to create a prototype that will be easily fitted out with advanced ICT ( information and communication technology ) and to be installed rapidly, safely and cheaply. This [...]

Scullcave play house for kids

Scullcave is a play hut for kids made from lightweight durable sensaten, a material used as isolation when laying the foundation of cemented roads. In a few simple steps it can be unrolled or rolled. The nice looking play house will make your child happy and probably his friends will envy him.