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The kitchen of the future

At 2014 International CES Whirlpool presented an interactive kitchen concept that turns a typical kitchen surface into a stovetop ( the surface can also be activated with the touch of a finger or via voice activation), checks the weather, finds recipes on Pinterest, research information about cooking and post pictures to Facebook. The concept is [...]

The refrigirator of the future?

A lot of modern refrigirators ideas appeared on the market in the last years but I can say without being wrong that the robot fridge that preserves food in morphing gel is unique and amazing! It is a concept created by russian designer Yuriy Dmitriev , a futuristic interpretation of a classic home appliance. There [...]

Decorate interior walls with inspirational quotes

Always  when you decorate the walls of your home most of the times people are in lack of ideas because in general there are not so many options.  But have you every think about writting on the walls inspirational quotes for you and your family members? You can put them everywhere in your house to [...]

12 cool products for your kitchen you probably haven’t seen before

If you think that your kitchen is full and you don’t need more useful stuff think again! Here are some gadgets to make food preparation easier and more enjoyable. 1. One Click Butter Cutter With each click of the handle you will have one standard pat . No more mess with the butter around your [...]

The cups of the future?

Well…maybe yes, maybe no, but they are concepts for now and looks really useful. Most of the cups in the present are really simple and don’t do anything else except serving for the purpose of drinking. You can check here ten creative cups of the future.