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A little bit of beach in your office

If you feel nostalgic about the sea and beach or you didn’t have time to go in a holiday this year you can bring the beach to your office in a creative way. Put some sand under your desk and take your shoes off. It will reduce the daily stress and make you feel more [...]

Plant sculptures in parks

Parks are a great way for spending your leisure time. But when the plants are made to look like animal sculptures the free time becomes more enjoyable right?

Water fun

If you own a pool , the idea of aqua climbing takes fun to a whole new level. Designed by the award-winning industrial designer Mr. Christofer Born from Germany the pool device will enhance any aquatic facility. Can be bought from AquaClimb. Looks fun, isn’t it?

Synthetic grass sandals

If you like the feeling of having your feet touching freshly cut grass at all times I am happy to announce you that now the problem is solved with these grass sandals. Unfortunatelly they are made from durability high quality synthetic grass and not from real grass. But would this be possible? To make them [...]

Mobile benches for temporary situations

Designed by Rogier Martens, the Tree Benches are specially made for festivals and other temporary situations with urgent sitting needs. They are constructed from waterproof laminated beechwood and with a suspension system they can be easily attached to the trees. All you need besides the bench is a strong tree.