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Cool tent designs

If you like camping for sure you are the owner of a tent, but in general tents have a single colour and they are not very fun. I think that with the appearence of the new tents by Fieldcandy, and created by  famous designers we should reconsider about our preconceived idea about this items. Take [...]

What about riding your bike in the sky?

In most cities there are not enough special lanes for bikes so everytime there is a problem riding your bike. You can get hot by cars, or simply you cannot enjoy your ride due to traffic or too many people on the road . Kolelinia is an innovative lane concept for riding bikes on a [...]

MUA…kissing in a tree…

Mua is a seating system that was designed just for lovers. The two pieces look like two lovers embracing each other. Wicker wrapped steel on the outside, red for love in the inside. The piece looks interesting and nice to spend some time in it. But what I wonder is how do you climb in [...]

Beuatiful Garden Swings

Garden Swings are one of the best ways for relaxation on a hot summer day. Each swing is an original piece of interactive sculpture which can be used indoors or hung from a suitable large tree in the garden. Some of them are made of recycled copper or stainless steel. I love this swings and [...]