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Chandeliers made with household items

Who said that cups and glasses can’t be used to decorate your home? We have here a couple of example when the designers created amazing pieces with household items. I like the glass chandelier. It looks awesome and you can store your glass on the ceiling. Cool!

Hanging candle cover made from bottle

Easy to made and looking interesting, this ‘candle bottle’ will illuminate your garden in a nice and soft way. Imagine a couple of them hanging near the house.

Lampfire – Modern urban fire

Everybody loves campfires but in some cases it is forbidden to make one or you don’t want to make a mess with all the wood, ash and smoke. Here is a modern choice composed from 3 independent ‚Äútorches: Lampfire – a fire without flames. If you do not want to use all three as a [...]

Security camera lamp

Inspired by the urban security camera, the Spoticam is designed by Antrepo and looks like the CCTV camera. Due to its adjustable arm, you can mount it on the wall or use it as a desk lamp. Too bad that this lamp is just a concept but it would be really interesting to have a [...]

Power saving street lights in Japan

Recently I found on Metacafe, a video about one of the coolest street lights I have ever seen. It is said to be in Japan and it uses wind speed as well as solar power to charge itself and reduce the energy consumption. Probably it has some internal batteries that accumulate energy during the day, [...]