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Melting light bulbs

Check out this cool light bulbs. They look like they are melting. This is the creation of Dutch designer Pieke Bergmans as part of her ongoing Design Virus project. The bulbs are hand made and inside there are LEDs. Interesting to decorate a library for example. Too bad that you can’t buy them on the [...]

How to make a paper lamp

I saw that more and more people are intersted on how to make a paper lamp so I searched a little on the Internet and I found 2 videos about that. 1. How to make a paper flower lamp

Little garden lamp

Plants are nice to have in any apartment. If you want to grow a small herb garden inside, most of the people have problems because there is not so much light…and the plants will die. Designers Kfir Schwalb and Orit Magia of Studio Shulab came up with the idea of Lightpot concept. What is it? [...]

Interesting bird house

This solar powered birdhouse is made by OOOMS. It has a solar panel mounted on the roof that charges a small interior battery during the day and at night the landing perch lights up . You may ask why does a bird need light? Well…you know that some of the bugs are addicted to the [...]

Laser virtual bike lanes – great safety design

Many cities want to design bike-friendly infrastructures but installing bike lanes is very costly. For cyclists it’s a big problem to be seen at night, the entire road network is not equipped with bicycle lanes. Evan and Alex Gant Tee imagined the concept of called “LightLane“, a sort of laser pointer attached to the back [...]