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Paper Lamp Concept

What is special about this lamp? It’s that is made from completely recyclable materials and using an energy saving compact flourescent light bulb to recreate a lamp shade.

Hug a pillow while you read

Very interesting idea from Diana Lin. d°light Huggable pillows look like warmth and have the comfort of natural sunlight all embeded in a soft pillow.

Fiber Optics Cushion

For a stylish and amazing decoration of your home you can use a Luminous Cushion made of fiber optics fabric, which produces a beautiful luminous effect in darkness. The cushion is powered by standard 1.5V replaceable batteries which are hidden inside and offers power for the cushion for more than 10 hours.

3D Brain desk lamp

This lamp was made from a replica of the designer’s brain which was scanned with a MR scan at the Karolinska Institutet in Stockholm. Then the brain image was processed with a 3D-printer, and became the central piece of the lamp.

Lamp that bends light

Paul Cocksedge is he brain behind this idea. The principle is simple: light travels along an acrylic rod from the source in the concrete base and follows the bended plastic before emerging as a light beam. This elegant lamp changes the perception that light travels in a straight line. It provides ambient light as well [...]