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Transparent camping igloo

With a completely transparent ‘igloo’ you can transform the natural spaces into real living rooms. Its design has been specifically made to offer an incredible closeness to nature and to enjoy the landscape comfortably within this protective space. Transparency gives a pleasant feeling of freedom. Quick and simple to install, offers a high level of [...]

How a $86 million garden looks like

Jane Percy, the Duchess of Northumberland, started a project that became one of the most ambitious public gardens created in Europe since World War II. Only two thirds of the project, has been built so far, at a cost of about $86 million, most of which came from public financing and private donations. Jacques Wirtz, [...]

Anti-loneliness Couch

With this superb and very soft couch you will never be lonely again because the embroidered buddy will be your friend. The couch has always been a special space for relaxation and pleasure and why stay alone?

Harry Organiser

Harry is designed to organise your daily things and can be used in an unlimited number of places like walls, doors, mirrors and any other flat surface. The brilliant idea is that you make your own design because it has it is made from flexible and sturdy wires and you can transform these wires into [...]

Dining Table or Biliard Table? Both!

The Billiard Industry has looked to innovative design to save their markets which are smaller and smaller. The “Fusion” Pool table/Dining table table was created by Aramith which is leading manufacturer in the biliard industry. The idea behind is to be a multi-functional product combining a dining table, a pool table and a game table [...]