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The toilet of the future

Ohh…well…this is really an interesting piece of invention. It is the toilet of the future. It has a TV, a TiVo, a DVD player, Xbox, laptop, fridge (what the f***?), a megaphone (to let the whole world hear how happy you are), and iPod dock. I has even some exercise pedals just in case all [...]

To-Do Tattoo to not forget important things

Have problems with your short memory? Forget your shoppings when you go to the mall? Have to make lame exscuses for forgetting something you shouldn’t? This is the perfect solution: a to-do tattoo . The To-Do Tattoo kit includes 12 graphic “To Do” forms that you can apply to your body wherever it’s most convenient [...]

Beautiful animal inspired hair hats fashion

Sometimes when you see something amazing, you are being instantly confused but still can’t take the eyes out from it. That is exactly the effect of these weird and beautiful animal-inspired hair hats designed by Japanese art director Nagi Noda. Remember that this girls don’t wear artificial hats, this is their own hair and a [...]

Family Tree Necklace

Family is the most important thing in life and you could show how much you appreciate and love them by wearing a necklace with their pictures? It is made from silver with pink tourmaline stones. I think it is good to keep your memories and your loved ones just near your heart. SHow them you [...]

Is this the future of the books?

In our days we are becoming a society that is more virtual than real and everything that is around us means technology. Designer Kyle Bean has created a design to show the world that the technology and the Internet are having an impact “in the way we source information”. Going to libraries and reading books [...]