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Universal Remote Control for everything

The Mulit-Chalk it’s a soft electronic device designed to be an universal remote to control anything and everywhere with the push of a button. It can be programmed and gain different capabilities of controlling depending what direction is it turned. The best part is that it will fit with your clothes and style. The concept [...]

Tie and clothes silver necklaces

Made from silver, these cute necklaces are unique and handmade. The little Silver Ties will look great with either evening or day wear and the Clothes Necklace will be a wonderful piece to own and wear and also an investment for the future. The last one is in limited edition so act fast if you [...]

The best geek reading kit

Reading in the dark is bad for people and students usually study at night with very little light . The designer combined a straw with internal light and a glass with coffee to keep you running for reading as much as you want, without falling asleep. The Sip of Light was designed by Sung-Kyu Nam, [...]

Organize your keys with this unique keyport

Keyport Slide was designed by Josh Downes to organize all your keys you can’t live without by integrating all the items into one universal access device. Switching to the Keyport is simple and by sliding the buttons associated with the keys they pop out in order to lock/unlock your world. The keyport can be bought [...]

Take your bath anywhere with you

Ceramist and designer Ole Jensen redesigned the idea of bath in the form of a mobile bath. Made of white EPDM rubber and cork, the soft tub was created to be a simple option for outdoor fun. Just put the water cord to your water source and the tub fills from the bottom up. Great [...]