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Drink wine anytime & anywhere

Vinho Verde concept is the wine bottle of the future, or at least that the designer imagined. The idea behind this project made by Viktor Pucsek is that wine should be enjoyed anytime. A lot of times happened not to have a glass around you to drink a little wine. By incorporating folded paper cups [...]

Reebok Emoretion – Just 100 pairs available

Reebok and graphic designer John Maeda have collaborated again, and the result was the Reebok x Maeda Emoretion, a pair of electrifying sneakers. The inspiration came from John’s book Laws of Simplicity, the muse behind this very limited edition of shoes. Only 100 pairs of these sneakers will be available starting March 31st. Reebook Timetanium, [...]

Origami Business Card

This is a business card of the future. You will be able not only share text but a 3D version of your work or products. It is ideal for architects and interior designers to present one of their projects. They were probably handmade by an origami expert and I didn’t managed to find a place [...]

Swiss Army Knife Redesigned – Peace Version

To introduce peace and harmony which are very needed nowadays, designers Qian Jiang, Yiying Wu & Carolina Flores invented the “Swiss Peace Knife”. The synbol of multi-functionality was turned into a pocket tool with a pill box, bandages, disinfectant spray and whistle. All you need for a good health.

How will the future condoms look like

Condoms are typically coming in boxes and wrappers that are in most cases ugly and most of times embarrassing for a guy to take out. XYXX is a concept design of condom cases and having the XYXX condom container in your pocket will be pleasurable in more ways. The name was inspired from both the [...]