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Bricks Sofa

Sebastian Wrong and Richard Woods are the brains behind these weird sofas and chairs. Called “Bricks & Mortar” for reasons you can obviously understand, the designs may not be perfect for your modern environmentbut for sure in a garage or in a construction company they will be perfect. ‘The scale and layout of the bricks [...]

Glass Bed by Santambrogio Milano

The Italian manufacturer Santambrogio Milano designed a new line of furniture using superdurable ultra-clear Diamant Glass by Saint Gobain. This line of furniture is one of the only the latest in a growing line of glass furniture that Santambrogio Milano have produced. Some past pieces include tables, benches, chaise lounges, and entire kitchens and bathrooms [...]

Hypnose sofa by Rafael Simones Miranda

When you have this sofa in your room and when you look at it you feel like an illusion is in front of you. All those circles will move in front of you and make you dizzy. Just look at the last picture for a while and see the effect .

Green grass furniture

The Grass Armchair and Grass Sofa are very easy to create. You will need some soil (240 litres in case of the Grass Armchair), to fill in the frame. Then you will need to spread grass seeds over the soil, press them in and put water on the soil.

Ten unique and weird pieces of furniture

Sometimes fashion and designs tend to be a little weird but very interesting to look at or to have them near you. So here there are one of the most weird and unique pieces of furniture. Some of them will scare the friends coming to visit you, some will put an unknown taste on their [...]