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What about riding your bike in the sky?

In most cities there are not enough special lanes for bikes so everytime there is a problem riding your bike. You can get hot by cars, or simply you cannot enjoy your ride due to traffic or too many people on the road . Kolelinia is an innovative lane concept for riding bikes on a [...]

Cocoon shelter for emergency

This Cocoon Bed by John Moriarty is an interesting shelter for extreeme conditions and environments. You will hang it off a tree or anywhere else you need to sleep. This could be carried in your backpack when you go in a trip. Inside it is very comfortable because the special materials will ensure you will [...]

How will tennis look like in the future

As a celebration of their 75th anniversary, Lacoste reinvented tennis by thinking how it will look after 75 years, in 2083. Lacoste is very known for its tennis gear and you can see from the pictures that all the gear is Lacoste brand. From what I can see from the video and pictures the tennis [...]