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Metal and wood modern art furniture

Israel-based designer Hilla Shamia has created a modern line of wood and aluminum pieces that strikes a balance between the beauty of raw nature and the sleek, refined edge of metal. The cast aluminum bleeds into the gaping cracks of the knotty, weathered wood in a very natural and beautiful way highlighting the contrast between [...]

5 Desks of the Rich and Famous

They say a messy desk isn’t necessarily a bad thing, as it can help you to think clearer. If that really is the case, the secret behind the success of the most famous writers, IT professionals, prime ministers and designers may have finally been unveiled, as a messy desk is often something they have in [...]

Transforming table for yachts

This amazing piece of furniture is called “The Fletcher Capstan Table ” and has the possibility doubling its seating capacity whilst remaining truly circular in the process. In a moment the appearance can be changed to an entirely different one. The operation can be manual or electronic. It is especially desgined for yachts but it [...]

Log Coffe Table

What can you do with a log? A coffee table! It will look amazing in your living room and it is not hard at all to build it. [ via ]

6 cool engine coffee tables

Most of the people reading this blog have friends or friends of friends who are mechanics and very skilled at repairing cars or othre machines. And if you are a mechanic it is a must to have an old engine that doesn’t work and just sitting useless somewhere. So ask them if they can give/sell [...]