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Rising Table by Robert Van Embricqs

I was enjoying a few days ago a work break surfing on net and I saw this interesting table. It has a nice design and fits well in any home If you do not use it you can store it very easily because it is flat. It was designed by Robert Van Embricqs and you [...]

Tree furniture

Peter Cook and Becky Northey began shaping plum tree since 1995 when they met, into living art they call Pooktre. During their first year they started shaping the young trees into a coffee table and a mirror frame. Over the years the trees were shaped and formed into tables, hat and coat racks, chairs, beds, [...]

Table inspired from nature : Tree Table

This Tree table is the latest creation by Sebastian Errazuriz and which have been seen Cristina Grajales Gallery, New-York. This piece of furniture is perfect to put in offices, home and places where innovation is given precedence over conventionality. Although it may seem weird to some people, many of us will consider it a beutiful [...]

Interesting coffee table by Sara Huston

Lifestyle Coffee Table created by designer Sara Huston adds a new functionality to the idea of a table. The top of the table have custom grooves where you can put all your magazine symmetrically. I don’t know what to think about this idea to have a table like that but if you are obsessed to [...]

Paint table by John Nouanesing

From the picture you could see that it is an table invisible. This is the effect of the “Paint Or Die But Love Me” table designed by John Nouanesing. The feeling when you are watching this table is it has just been painted, with liquid drops suspended and others that are still forming.