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How people from 50s and 60s thought their homes and lives will look like in 1975

Since forever people have been thinking  about the miracles of the future and what great discoveries and technological wonders the future will reveal. Check out the below images to see how people from 50s and 60s thought their future will look like in 1975. Some ideas are true in our society but some are still [...]

Norwegian town builts mirror system to have light in the winter

In Norway, deep in the narrow Vestfjord valley in Telemark, surrounded by steep mountains, at the foot of the mighty Gaustatoppen mountain, lies the industrial town of Rjukan.Rjukan is home to a thriving little community which manages without the sun for almost six months of the year. The Solspeil – sun mirror, is a spectacular [...]

How Can Apps Can Help You Buy Furniture?

In such a tech-savvy world, an increasing number of consumers are using social media, the web and phone apps to purchase products. There was once a time when you had to pop down to your high street to buy something for your home. If you needed a new light, dining room table or chair, you [...]

6 cool engine coffee tables

Most of the people reading this blog have friends or friends of friends who are mechanics and very skilled at repairing cars or othre machines. And if you are a mechanic it is a must to have an old engine that doesn’t work and just sitting useless somewhere. So ask them if they can give/sell [...]

A better socket: with USB!

We all have USB chargers and for sure you thought if it possible to charge your iPhone with the USB charger without having your computer. Check out the new 2 USB ports wall sockets. Check out more details here.