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Solar forest parking lot

Because electric vehicle use is rising every year, Neville Mars has conceived an incredible charging station that takes the form of solar trees. The ‘solar forest’ serves as a source for clean renewable energy and offers shade for the parked cars while they charge. “Each of the trees in Neville Mars’s solar forest is composed [...]

Cool PC Vase

A PC could not look very well in your home, it depends how is your interior design. But where a PC does not fit, for sure a PC Vase will integrate. The PC Vase is made by Taiwanese PC manufacturer ECS They have managed to put a PC inside a vase. it features an Intel [...]

OLED Christmas Tree

The engineers from the OLED Research team at GE prepared a special Christmas Tree build from OLEDs. The tree is comprised of a long run fabrication roll of OLEDs 6-inches wide by 15-feet long that was then wrapped around a stand to make a green, brightly lit Christmas Tree.

Router Vase by Franco Marino Cagnina

The STC Livebox designed by Franco Marino Cagnina is a router and a vase in the same time. The device looks pretty on your desk with some flowers and also have connection for Internet, VOIP, landline phone and wired DSL. This could be very useful in a family. The man wants a router for his [...]

Eco lamp – mouse pad with little garden

Called ‘Sensory Lamp’ and designed by Sara Rossbach this mouse pad – lamp wants to create a closer connection between our work environments with nature for better workdays. By slowly modifieing the color and intensity throughout the day the lamp mimics natural light cycles and with the grass that grows from the base of the [...]