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Luxury Multimedia Bed

Multimedia beds have started to appear more and more often into the markets because modern people tend to be fussy about their choices. They want something very confortable and hi-tech in the same time. “From Bed With Love” (or James Bond Bed) designed by Nicolas Mélan is a luxurious bed featuring special luminotherapic light and [...]

Portable egg-shaped speakers

For sure this concept designed by Nathan Gabriele is one of the greatest I have see lately. When you look at it seems like a simple egg-shaped object but it can be unmounted into two pieces that are the satellite speakers and the base acts as a subwoofer. It has even an dock for your [...]

Nike sneakers which detects Wifi hotspots

This is for sure the new trend in fashion geekiness. A Step in the Right Direction is it’s name and was designed by mstrpln in collaboration with Ubiq boutique.

Is this the future of the books?

In our days we are becoming a society that is more virtual than real and everything that is around us means technology. Designer Kyle Bean has created a design to show the world that the technology and the Internet are having an impact “in the way we source information”. Going to libraries and reading books [...]

Caracol – keyboard for one hand

Caracol is a computer keyboard just for one hand using a rotary keyboard on a wheel through which you slip your palm. “The Caracol Keyboard was inspired by snail, by the way it behaves around its shell. With this loop structure, the keys move to the fingers instead of the other way around. It have [...]