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Custom wall clock

The WALL CLOCK RADIUS is a cool wall clock that can be customized as you want. If you are a DIY fan, you will like it because you are free to set the dimensions of the clock. You can place the 12 time dots closer or more distant to the clock hands. But the length [...]

How will the watches look like by the year 2154

Keeping time is something we all like to do and future has always fascinated human mind. Every day we wonder how the daily gadgets of today will look in the future. So… One & Co in collaboration with Timex have designed the watches that they imagine will exist by the year 2154. 1. “The Memory [...]

The most customizable watch in the world

The Meaning of Time is probably the most customizable watch that you can find. When you buy it you get just the engine mechanism to keep time. Feel free to add the hour and minute hands what you can think of as long as it fits through the holes. Maybe some pencils or some plastic [...]

Hi-tech bracelet watch for women

This fashion accessory for women it’s designed like a bracelet with a hidden digital clock. It is made from a glossy mirror surface which has on it a dot when the watch is not is use.If you touch the dot, the time appears on your bracelet. Too bad it is just a design, I’m sure [...]

Crystal LED Watch

Designed by Ilya Yakovlev and inspired from Swarovsky Signity watches, this “time device” has a surface made from real crystals backlit by LEDs. You can increase the luminosity and change colors to different ones as you like. Too bad it is just a concept and if it will be produced I think it will cost [...]