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$3.25 Million Dollars Flinstones House In Malibu

It seems that the  Flintstones house exist in real life or at least a very expensive copy estimated at $3.25 million dollars, on the beaches of Malibu, California, with it’s own private beach. This villa was custom built and all the furniture inside is custom made.  Even the windows look like the classic stone house [...]

Accessories for winter: ear beany

Wow! I have never thought in my lief about this idea, that I could have little beanies just for my ears. You know that in the winter the top of your ear starts to freeze before the rest of your ear…and this could be the solution.  It is really weird to wear them but if [...]

How to make a city in Russia look “better”

It seems that in Russia, the hiding of reality and trying to make it look better in a false way happens every day. With the occasion of Putin visit in Saransk, the officials of the city wanted to have a good looking town. But because they didn’t have time to plant grass they…just painted the [...]

Paris Hilton’s dogs sleep in a better place than me

Yes this is true! The dogs owned by Paris Hilton probably have a better house than most of you! With a chandelier and even an air conditioner. With 17 chihuahuas and one Pomeranian, Paris Hilton used an old room of her house for them but now she considered that is not enough and payed 250,000 [...]

Very big alarm clock

Sometimes I woke up kind of hard if I stayed late the night before ( for example when I go at a party ) but the guy who invented the alarm clock from the following video definetely is a weird person. Why? Because he made something that shakes the bad you are sleeping in harder [...]