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Would you eat or drink from a toilet?

In Hong Kong a new restaurant opened and it’s theme is…TOILETS! Yeah, you are going to eat from mini toilets , sit on toilets and so on. I wouldn’t like something like this because it is a little weird. Toilets are not for eating and drinking they are for something else…. Anyway if you are [...]

Steel Chair – would you use it?

Do you want to sit on something comfortable? Something like… stainless steel?Personally I think that this chair is absolutely not comfortable at all but somebody thinks that, because he built it! The “Tube Chair” as it is called, is made from stainless steel tubes but I’m not sure how this piece of furniture will fit [...]

How to avoid lunch sharing

Yes! This is how to avoid lunch sharing with your friends. If you have ever had your lunch stolen, you know that this causes a lot of frustration . Anti-Theft Lunch Bags are regular sandwich bags that have green splotches on both sides. After you put the sandwich inside, no one will want to eat [...]

Dead horse head pillow

This is for sure a crazy design which can be used for a revenge just like in “The Godfather” where a horse head was used for revenge. Of course you need to have a dark sense of humor to buy this. A great gift to your friends who upset you. You can buy it from [...]

Giant mechanical spider

You can see this giant spider in Liverpool and entitled ‘La machine‘. It is a mechanical beast that is 37 tones, 50ft tall spider and has 50 hydraulic axes of movement. It is situated on the side of a building and instantly created a buzz in the area.This huge beast will be in Liverpool until [...]