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Weird 1 meter wide house

What can you do with a very small piece of land? Well… 2 rooms, kitchen, 3 bedrooms with washrooms and a veranda! This extremely narrow house belongs to the lady in yellow named Helenita Queiroz Grave Minho and was designed by her. What is very weird is that the house is 1 meter wide by [...]

Human Chair

Him & Her chair is designed as male and female body. The design in quite original but not everything that is naked is going to be bought immediately but for sure there are people who love this chair.

Ten unique and weird pieces of furniture

Sometimes fashion and designs tend to be a little weird but very interesting to look at or to have them near you. So here there are one of the most weird and unique pieces of furniture. Some of them will scare the friends coming to visit you, some will put an unknown taste on their [...]

Do garbage smell better in Louis Vuitton trash bags?

There are a lot of people who wear Louis Vuitton shoes, handbags, wallets, clothes feeling very proud of them but Louis Vuitton garbage bags seems to me extremely ridiculous. I hope people don’t waste their hard earned money on these bags , because that’s exactly how you throw money away!

Window water drops for rain lovers

I’m sure all your life you wanted some fake water drops on your window, right? Arnout Visser and Bas van Tol thought about your wishes and created these PVC Window Drops which provide the illusion of droplets on your glass.