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Iron Fashion – Dresses made just from iron

Fashion designer Luana Jardim presented a collection of dresses, Specular, made of iron at Fashion Rio. The dresses are interesting but kind of weird… What I wonder is … if they need some reparation you need will need a welder or a blow torch?

Freaky and interesting money box

A little scary but still very interesting is the FaceBank – a money box with a face and a mouth. When you want to put a coin in it, just feed the mouth which will eat the coin! A very nice view to look at. Designed by Japanese designer Takada ,the eyes of the FaceBank [...]

The future of traffic lights

Hanyoung Lee is the designer of the Virtual Wall which is a plasma laser barrier showing pedestrians crossing the street. The lasers are not powerful enough to harm cars or people but the effect is enough to make drivers stop and let the pedestrians cross. A weird idea is the concept called “adlights” or “traffic [...]

Fried Egg candle

Is it a fried egg or a candle? is a candle which looks like a fried egg. And when the candle melts it looks more and more like a fried egg. Nice right? Sometimes whe need in our house objects to be more than what they are.

Weird chairs: Meat and Sheep Chair

This are for sure the weirdest chairs I have ever seen. I don’t know who will put this chair in their living room because it will freak out the guests… The Meat Chair