Old boots turned into flower pots

Remember the black boots turned into flower pots article I posted some while ago?

I found today this idea implemented again in someone’s garden and it looks even better!

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Recycled wine bottles as hanging flowerpots

After drinking wine on a special night, don’t just throw the nice looking bottles. After you cut their bottom, fill them with a substrate and put some kind of stopper for the substrate to come out ( I am still thinking what this can be ) you end up with some nice looking hanging flowerpots. Unfortunatelly not all plants are suitable for this idea.

Be right back…I am leaving to buy some wine :-)

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Old ladles as candle holders

In the season of the long evenings the light of a candle creates a nice atmosphere at home or in the garden. If you are looking for a special candle holder have a look around the attic or  where you store your old things and find some ladles. The ambient light of candlescombined with the vintage looks of iron,  creates a fairytale evening.


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A little bit of beach in your office

If you feel nostalgic about the sea and beach or you didn’t have time to go in a holiday this year you can bring the beach to your office in a creative way.

Put some sand under your desk and take your shoes off. It will reduce the daily stress and make you feel more confortable.

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Plant sculptures in parks

Parks are a great way for spending your leisure time. But when the plants are made to look like animal sculptures the free time becomes more enjoyable right?

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