Flower boots

Old boots turned into flower pots. Brilliant!

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Green energy socket mounted on windows

A cool way to capture solar energy and use it as a plug socket for gadgets. It has a simple design and can be attached to any window but…it is possible from technological point of view? Will it have enough energy?

The solution is designed by Kyuho Song & Boa Oh, just a concept at the moment.

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DNA portraits

A real DNA portrait will feature your inner beauty on a frame, being a mixture between unique, novelty, scientific ingenuity and amazing beauty. It will picture your REAL DNA sequence in a variaty of styles and colors chosen by you.

They don’t come cheap but you can’t find them anywhere, your personal DNA picture print will be as unique as you are!

If you want to buy one check out the creators .

I wonder if you can get the same picture from a local laboratory…it will be a nice DIY weekend project.

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Carnivorous plants around your home

The world of carnivorous plants is amazing because they ‘eat’ insects ( some species are big enough to consume frogs… ). They have adapted to grow in places where the soil is thin or poor in nutrients. If you want to grow them inside your house you need to respect some basic rules that are specific to every plant, but most of them like to be watered often and high humidity.

I highly recommend ‘The Savage Garden ‘ book. I personally own 9 plants and reading it helped me a lot!

So…if you want to give your home a wild and exotic atmosphere think about the carnivorous plants. And of course…no more flies and mosquitoes in your house.

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Coffee table made from a log slice

Most of people around here own some furniture and tables made from wood. Tree decor is everywhere these days so I found a nice weekend project to build a small coffee table from a log slice. Wouldn’t be amazing to see the bark and count the rings to find the age of the tree?

The first and most important part of the project is acquiring the log. The next step is to cut a slice ( in the below project it was used a five inch slice ) of the wood for the table top. This is best accomplished with a chain saw.

To make it smooth you need to remove marks with a belt sander. For protection from liquids apply three coats of polyacrylic on the top and some clear lacquer spray to the bark on the sides for protection.

The log can be attached to some nice looking legs from a chair. In this project were used the legs of a cheap IKEA Marius stool . Just $5.99!

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