Pencil gate

The pencil garden gate looks fabulous and it has a little eraser too! I imagine this gate at a children park or a kindergarten. Somebody handy can build it relatively quickly. Just some wood and paint needed.

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Outdoor shower paradise

I don’t have a lot of details about where is the outdoor shower located but it doesn’t really matter because if you have a garden I think you can easily create something similar. Of course, if you don’t live in a place where is warm weather all year round you need to use pots for the plants. And you need to work harder to keep it green because in the winter everything goes away.

Preferably you need plants that love humidity and water . Thin tree trunks will complete the decor and will keep you and your family away from the outside eyes. They should be tall because nobody wants to be spied when they shower, right?

Imagine showering in the morning before going to work here. It will bring a smile on your face that will last all day. Trust me!

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Get some style with kilim cushions

Kilims are flat tapestry-woven carpets or rugs produced from the Balkans to Pakistan. Kilims can be purely decorative or can function as prayer rugs.

Recently appeared the smaller kilims, the pillows, which are popular in Western households. I think a couple of kilim pillows can nicely fit in any home design, being traditional or modern. Just be careful where you place them.


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How Can Apps Can Help You Buy Furniture?

In such a tech-savvy world, an increasing number of consumers are using social media, the web and phone apps to purchase products. There was once a time when you had to pop down to your high street to buy something for your home. If you needed a new light, dining room table or chair, you had to hit the pavement to get the item in-store.

However, all of that has now changed. Nowadays, many consumers are buying sofas for their living room and beds for their bedroom, using the latest technology.

A quick search on my iPhone, typing ‘home furniture’ into the search bar of the App Store, I have found some of the following:

What brands have apps?

  • Ikea
  • Chaplins Furniture
  • Homebase
  • CSL Sofas
  • Gumtree
  • Debenhams

There are various brands that offer an app, to help you purchase products from their store in a quick and easy-to-use fashion. However, there are also many other businesses that have mobile-friendly websites, which allow you to access their site from your mobile phone device.

This means there is no hassle of trying to get to a computer, or disappointment when the pages take forever to download!

How do they work?

Install the app on your phone and then select certain categories, be it bedroom or living room. Here you can scan selected pages and access products for more information.

Most of the apps feature catalogues of the products. Ikea alone has over 350 images showing 1000 products out of the total 10,000 products they sell. The catalogues usually feature a picture of a room with all the items in it, like real-life, allowing you to touch a product which you are interested in.

What is more, many of the apps also feature a Google mapping type device which locates your current position. You might need to allow this in your phone’s privacy settings but when you do, the app can show you the nearest stores so you can go and look at the item in person.
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Cute idea for entryhall

Put the pictures of your kids above the hooks where they hang school backpacks. A piece of wood ( I think ) with the word “Family” completes the design. All you need is a couple of kids :-) .

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