Coffee table made from tree stump

I saw a lot of homes where people used  tree stumps as part their decor. They always looks so interesting. You can create your own coffee table made from a tree stump very easily in a few simple steps.

1. Locate the stumps. You may be able to find some on the side of the road or purchase a few. Be sure they are dry.

2. Once the tree stumps are dried out  you need to remove the bark . Use a chisel or flat head screw driver and hammer or mallet to wedge between the bark and the stump and then peel the bark away. A hand sander or belt sander  will make the stump look smooth.

3. Now apply wood filler to any large cracks or holes.

4. You can paint it or  stain the wood. In this project the stamp is tained with white and after that is added a coat of glossy polyurethane.

5. At the end you should add  wheels to the bottom.

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Aesop shop in Hong Kong designed with naturally aged timber from chinese boats

Constructed from naturally aged timber from chinese boats, the Aesop shop is located in lane Crawford, Hong Kong and was designed by chinese/german architecture firm Cheungvogl.  The design is a representation of time and the history of the boat planks is visible through the warn quality of the wood.

“No two wood pieces are the same. The planks, left in their original state, are made into two floating cabinets. Naturally occurring holes in the wood become the drawer handles. “

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Home Interiors surprised by photographer Dan Duchars

Beautiful home interior pics taken by Dan Duchars. Which one do you like?

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Coffee with cats

Café des Chats is a unique place in France, opened in 2013 where cats and humans are closer. The place is a tea room and a restaurant where a dozen cats roam free. All the cats have been adopted from animal welfare groups and found here a second chance.

A portion of the profits from the Café des Cats is donated to feline protection and a monthly pension contribution is provisioned for each cat .

If you are a cat lover,  next time you visit Paris you know where to go for a tea.

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Vertical Forest in Milan to be completed in 2014

Although it seems to good to be true, the world’s first vertical forest is real and is located in Milan. Bosco Verticale is Boeri Studio’s answer to the question of how to make cities greener while supporting an ever denser urban population.

Most of the 100 different species of trees and shrubs are in place and you can image how amazing it will be to live in one of the apartments and drink your morning coffee near a tree above the ground.  Completion is expected by late spring/early summer 2014.

“The first example of the Vertical Forest composed of two residential towers of 110 and 76 m height, will be realized in the centre of Milan, on the edge of the Isola neighbourhood, and will host 900 trees (each measuring 3, 6 or 9 meters tall) and over 2000 plants from a wide range of shrubs and floral plants that are distributed in relation to the façade’s position to towards the sun. On flat land, each Vertical forest equals, in amount of trees, an area equal o 7000 m2 of forest. In terms of urban densification the equivalent of an area of single family dwellings of nearly 75.000 m2.” 

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