Colorful apartment in Malmo, Sweden

The really colorful apartment described, situated in Malmö, is the home of two interior designers: Pia Kriisin and Johan Dalin .

The 72 square meters with two large terraces are decorated in bold colors and by mixing timeless designer pieces like Alvar Aalto chairs and Eames Lounge Chairs with some IKEA pieces. The two designers say that when decorating, you shouldn’t be too exigent, if you know how to arrange the pieces it will look great.


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Bottles used for home design

A different use of bottles except wine and beer storage.  Together with tires,cans and other recycled materials they can bring to your house or garden a very unique touch.  Use bottles of different shapes and colors for maximum effect.

1) An arts center in Deep Ellum, Texas


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Interior design by Lorenzo Castillo from Madrid

Writting for this blog has exposed me to so many different designers from all over the world and I like to discover their work and ideas for home inspiration. Great design is in small things. Check out the interior design proposed by dynamic talent Lorenzo Castillo from Spain.

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Clever use of trays

A clever use of trays that will make your home space better organized. I bet most of you have unused things just laying around the house.
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5 Desks of the Rich and Famous

They say a messy desk isn’t necessarily a bad thing, as it can help you to think clearer. If that really is the case, the secret behind the success of the most famous writers, IT professionals, prime ministers and designers may have finally been unveiled, as a messy desk is often something they have in common!

A few of the best theories, technologies and books have been worked on at cluttered desks around the world, such as…



1)      Albert Einstein
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