Bring the nature in your house

The decoration of a house can be a pleasure or a real nightmare. If you like wacky ideas and you enjoy nature you can use big wallpapers for some walls in your room. It will create the atmosphere of open space inside your house.  Here  are a couple of ideas.



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Apartment in Boston designed by Nirmada

New York interior designer Kati Curtis of Nirmada Interior Architectural Design believes that good design is as much about solving problems as it is about creating memorable spaces.

The apartment in the below pictures is from her portofolio and is filled with incredible furniture and exciting patterns. I really like the way she put on the wall in the bathroom those images. I am thinking about finding something similar for my bathroom too! I found recently some cute animals printed on small papers at IKEA. Will fit perfectly there.

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Washed and worn wood bathroom

A bathroom with nautical inspiration made from washed and worn blue-green wood. When you look at it you can imagine that you are already inside a ship. The contrast between the roughness of the wall and modern look of the bathtub and basin looks lovely, indeed.

I wonder if the wood is new or reclaimed…

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Transforming table for yachts

This amazing piece of furniture is called “The Fletcher Capstan Table ” and has the possibility doubling its seating capacity whilst remaining truly circular in the process.

In a moment the appearance can be changed to an entirely different one. The operation can be manual or electronic.

It is especially desgined for yachts but it can be used inside a home too. The price? You don’t want to know.

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Book Stairs – imagine the possibilities

Unfortunatelly I don’t have many details where is located but looks impressive. Imagine the possibilities, you can put on every step the books that you love.

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