Chandelier made from recycled stuff

Remove the original cover of a chandelier and replace it with old stuff that you no longer use. Brush, medals, pieces of paper that look interesting, everything that catches the attention.

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2 ideas to transform your old magazines or newspapers in stools

I bet most of us have old magazines or newspapers that are occupying precious space in our  beloved homes. Instead of throwing them or make a trip at the recycle center there are 2 ways to use the old paper in a clever way. You can built stools that will become a nice decoration for your home interior.

Magazines stool

You will need two extra-large leather straps or belts which should be adjustable. Some wood for the base and a cushion with the size similar to the size of the magazines. That’s it.

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School in the shape of a cat in Germany

The “cat school” is the result of a project from “Europe without borders” between the region of Baden-Württemberg and Alsace. The architects chose their favorite animal to make a school outside the norm. The school looks like a cat crouched like a sphinx. In the manner of a mouse that is swallowed, children enter through the mouth of the cat.

One hundred children benefit from this extraordinary place and everything is implemented so that they learn while having fun. In their adult life they will remember with nostalgia their childhood, because not everyone will have to spent his early years in a cat.


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Home interior by Christine Dovey

Some years ago Christine Dovey did something drastic:  she sold just about every piece of furniture in her home and started all over. “What we had was a mix of stuff from before we were married, and it just didn’t work anymore,” she explains.

This gave the opportunity to Christine an opportunity to create a really interesting design for her interior.


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Bon restaurant from Bucharest with interior made with old doors

Over 200 salvaged doors, windows and blinds were used as wall panelling to make an impressive interior design. This is the first time when I see old doors and windows for decoration and looks amazing. Everything is the masterpiece of Corvin Cristian.

Part of the doors were used as fence to the building sites hence the graffiti and the extreme wear on some of them. We left most of the doors as we found them while only the shades of a few were altered to meet the discreet three tones color scheme of the design (white, blue, red).

The restaurant is centered around french cuisine, the menu was created by Breuil Frederic whow has over 10 years experience as Executive Chief at 5 Star Michelin restaurants around the world.

And who said that Bucharest is not the little Paris?


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