$3.25 Million Dollars Flinstones House In Malibu

It seems that the  Flintstones house exist in real life or at least a very expensive copy estimated at $3.25 million dollars, on the beaches of Malibu, California, with it’s own private beach.

This villa was custom built and all the furniture inside is custom made.  Even the windows look like the classic stone house windows and the master bathroom is all covered with stones.

The first owner of the house was the television host, Dick Clark but my question in the end is why would you build it and why would someone buy it?

Looks interesting for fans but…

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Shipping containter turned into guest house

Poteet Architects, an architecture company based in Texas, thought about using one if the millions of containers which are just sitting around in the world ports for an innovative home.

So they used an old shipping container to create a  little chich place for guests to stay in the night. There’s even a little garden on the roof.  Lovely!

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Floating Box – Shop and private house project

Floating Box is an interesting architecture project by Tekuto ( I like them very much because they always deliver innovative ideas ) which includes a little shop and a private house for the owner.

Most of the construction is made from steel and the interior will catch your eyes due to the fact that looks a little bit futuristic.

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Aluminum and Concrete House by Atelier Tekuto

This intersting looking house built with a special type of aluminium is located in a suburb of Kanagawa Prefecture in Japan and as per client’s request the designers created a garage on the first floor and the the living space on the second floor.

Except for bedroom, bathroom and closets on the second floor, all space is regarded as one large living room. The entire floor is finished nicely with ceramic tiles and taking advantage of height difference , a second entrance in the house is provided on the second floor level.

Unfortunatelly in the pictures the interior is empty without furniture but I imagine how well it will look when the owners will decorate it.

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Edisto Beach home designed by Jennifer Ferrell

This cozy and cute  home is designed by Jennifer Ferrell, the principal designer and owner of Riverside Designers from Charleston, South Carolina. With nuances of blue and the great view of the ocean is the perfect place to be in a nice day.

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