Beautiful doors around the world

Who said that doors can be boring? A beautiful door can add a touch of style to your home exterior or interior.

Which one do you like?

( Old barn door )

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Home sweet home in your car

swissRoomBox is an idea that fits most car and offers you the comfort and possibilities of your home everywhere you go with the car. From cooking to sleeping accessories makes your life easire. Details about the product here.

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Interesting view of a room

What do you see in this picture? If you answer a lamp in an empty room you are right.

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Multifunctional door – PING PONG

In most cases doors are used just to separate two rooms but doors can be fun. The only requirements are the adjacent rooms have enough space for you to play in. A problem could be that one side of the door looks normal while the other is green. Your children room will fit good for sure with the green side.

Tiny house in Uruguay

Who said that big is better? The tiny house in this article is located in the dunes of Cabo Polonio on the eastern coast of Uruguay.

It is very small, just for two people. The materials used for building are very simple, like those of all the houses in Cabo Polonio. Also the interior is mainly in white colors. The house doesn’t have electricity and the people living there are using lanterns and candles.

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