Desert House by Gracia Studio

Simple and in the same time complex. Gracia Studio did the job.



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27 beautiful homes in remote places

Living in a crowd city apart the advantages comes with a lot of bad things like noise, rush hours, pollution, etc. In the below images you can see some amazing homes built in very remote places.

Personally I wouldn’t live in a such a far place without neighbors but for sure among us there are a lot of families that like quiet areas not close to civilization.

Thanks to Zoltan for this images!


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Power nap gadget

“A power nap is a short sleep which terminates before the occurrence of deep sleep or slow-wave sleep (SWS), intended to quickly revitalize the subject. ” ( Wikipedia )

With the gadget in the following pictures you can take a nap everywhere you wish and when you feel tired, at work, in the aiport, on the street.






Authentic scandinavian interior

Every time I see a scandinavian house I am amazed how gorgeous looks like. The interior in the article is fromĀ  Gothenburg, from an 85 square metres penthouse apartment located at the top floor of an old building.

I wish I had exterior pictures of the building also.

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Cats on walls

I found this picture on Facebook today and I wondered if this was done by the owner of the house or just by kids with grafitti?Because for sure looks interesting and eye catchy! And it can be used to make big fences to look better…

What do you think?

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