6 cool engine coffee tables

Most of the people reading this blog have friends or friends of friends who are mechanics and very skilled at repairing cars or othre machines. And if you are a mechanic it is a must to have an old engine that doesn’t work and just sitting useless somewhere. So ask them if they can give/sell the old engine they don’t use in order to create a coffee table!

Probably before using the engine you need to clean it, maybe paint it to look nice. After that, what you need to do is to buy a round or square glass to put on top of the engine. And it is finished! Easy right?



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Women portrets for home decoration

French painter Annick Bouvattier made some very sensual paintings that can be used to decorate your home interior. Young and pretty women will make your flat look modern. Which one do you like?



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Indoor Picnic idea by Haiko Cornelissen

The interesting picNYC Table is a design made by  Haiko Cornelissen to add a unique air to your living-room.

“The picNYC table is fully made out of high-end light weight aluminum that is cut, folded, bolted and welded together by an American manufacturer specialized in aluminum products. Beside grass, other plants or materials can be installed. One alternative has been white stones – see images. Only for the NYC area we provide one free grass installation upon delivery.”

As I understand the grass is not real but have you ever imagined eating directly from the ground? Not so many like the idea…But for sure you can ask for a version with real grass and plants, if you are courageous!



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Pet chair by Paul Kweton

Relaxing and sharing moments with your beloved pet could be a way to eliminate stress from your life. The patent-pending Rocking-2-Gether Chair designed by Paul Kweton creates this shared moment routine between human and animal. We might see soon this beautiful chair on the market.



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Mobile library in bus stations

Reading while waiting a bus is something normal that happens all over the world but not all the time people carry with them books or magazines. So what will you read in the bus station?

I found today an idea that seems to be from Colombia, Bogota which will introduce mobile libraries in the bus stations. Looks pretty nice and useful but I don’t think it is true considering the fact the Colombia is not the safest country in the world to leave some book unattended in the bus stations.


Anyway good idea! I hope to see in the near future something like this in the bus stations. Maybe not with books but with newspapers ( much cheaper ) .

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